**** New York City is cracking down on Airbnb types of accommodations.  The owners are being fined and the tourists are being evicted.  When I tell people they are illegal, I hear, “But, they are advertised on the internet.” That is pure nonsense.  If you are still intent on dealing with this caper, at least do yourself the favor of having me inspect the place before you book it and send money.  I charge a small fee for my visit and you can contact me at peter@gabby.com


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 **** Yenta Yack from the Back of the Hack…(These are conversations and opinions that I have eavesdropped on in my Yellow Mobile Conveyance Lounge).

I am licensed by the New York City Taxi Commission as a Taxi driver and I am licensed by the New York City Consumer Affairs Department as a Tour Guide. (This means that the passenger(s) is going with a guy who is approved by NYC and the vehicle has all proper insurance in effect.  I drive the streets. 

I was not sent by “central casting.”

Gabby Cabby laying on cab hood

As a licensed New York City Taxi Driver who also is approved as an Official NYC Tour Guide, I come in contact with New Yorkers, people from many States and from the rest of the world.  These are the True Tales that they are talking about in my Yellow Mobile Conveyance Lounge.

For those folk who don’t have time for a full day tour, please ask about my new half day tour.  See my tour page.

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 Special attention to the kiddies, the elderly and the special needs folks.

 Take a look at 1911, the year I was born. (only kidding)





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****  It appears that 2018 proved a very busy year for Vincenzo Giurbino, a plumber with the New York City Housing Authority. The 65-year-old city workers’ payroll numbers indicated he had put in an average 16-hour day every single day he worked – reaping him more than $300,000 in salary and overtime.  He must be the Mayor’s brother in law.

**** A Brooklyn billboard worker was knocked unconscious in a fall while toiling on a rooftop ad pitching the personal injury firm Cellino & Barnes.  David Fricker, 49, plunged about 10 feet from the prominent billboard to the roof below, with the FDNY reporting the freak accident. The sign rising above Fricker and the intersection below featured the firm’s familiar hotline number and a single question: “INJURED?”  How much do you want to bet that he will sue?

**** A U.S. Customs officer stole cash from at least 100 passengers at Kennedy Airport while searching their handbags, federal authorities allege.  The agent admitted he targeted “deep handbags” when he searched international fliers because it was easier to hide his hands as he stole $100 bills, according to a criminal complaint.  Agents started looking at more video and realized he probably ran the same scam on 11 more women.  Be careful at Kennedy.  They will steal your false teeth.  

**** Bill DeBlasio is a loser.  He is a terrible mayor of New York City and now that he has the chutzpah to be running for president, he is being publicly attacked by the unions and the business community.  He is the cartoon character of a corrupt politician.

**** Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust.  New display at the holocaust center sends a chill up your spine.  Pictured is how the Jews were transported. Artifacts brought over from Europe show just how meticulous the Nazis were.  Not recommended for little children to see.



**** Whales getting washed ashore because our waters are so clean and full of fish to eat.  How do you pick up a dead whale from the beach?  It is quite involved.

**** New York Times is collapsing as circulation goes down and down.  Lots of red ink.  Being anti-Semitic and anti-Israel doesn’t help it in New York City.  Owned by a Jewish family which is a strange side story.

**** Sexual degenerate former Congressman Anthony Weiner is out of jail for sex crimes.  His counselor and buddy is our Senator Chuck Schumer.  Don’t shake hands with either of them and if you do, wash your hands after.

**** It’s second nature: When your Uber or Lyft pulls up, you hop in the back seat.  Sure, you check that the license plate and driver photo match what’s in the app. But should you also pull out hand sanitizer and sit up front to be safer?  Maybe you should, research shows.  Concerns about cleanliness and the dangers of sitting in the back could give you pause the next time your ride rolls up to the curb.  Experts say that riding in the back seat of a ride-hailing vehicle is germier than a toilet seat and potentially more dangerous than sitting in front.  Rapes by ride-hailing drivers are increasing.

**** The New York Mets are banning backpacks from Citi Field.  They say it is for security.  Not so.  They are doing it because too many people bring their lunch instead of buying food at the overpriced stadium food outlets.  The team said the move is to enhance safety.  Fans still can bring purses, tote, drawstring and messenger bags, and soft-sided coolers that don’t exceed 16-by-16-by-8 inches. A hot dog will set you back $6.50.

**** Socialized medicine and housing do not work in England.  Maybe that is because the government always has to check with the BBC to see what it is supposed to do.



**** NYC has just ended plastic bags.  I have been giving canvas bags to my tourists for years.  Pay for the postage and I will send you one.


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****AND THAT NEAT MOVIE HOUSE ALWAYS SHOWED A DOUBLE FEATURE AND HERE WE ARE WITH A SECOND FLICK.  This is a trip around the city in the famous yellow mobile conveyance lounge.


**** Hear what some happy tourists had to say about my tours, just go AUDIO

**** Here is an interview I did with a tourist and it was presented on radio 702 in South Africa. from time to time, i do this and the tourist gets to be famous. The radio stations love this feature for their listeners. AUDIO

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****Please note that I encourage folks planning on coming to NYC to write to me for some advice.  Beware the online trip advising sites that are written mainly by public relations people to promote their clients’ services.  Many of the restaurants that they tout have numerous health violations and you can always ask me about that.  I do not “rate” things, but I sure can tell you if your choices (including hotels and attractions) are wise ones.

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