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Here are True Tales of New York City, as discussed from the ”Back of the Hack.”  Passengers are not bashful about expressing their opinions.  These are their topics, not mine.   

It certainly is now the saddest place on the face of the Earth.  But, would you want to live in China, the creator of the China Virus?


Panic Sweeps the City!

**** Health care professionals who are administering the China Virus Vaccines are asking (especially the elderly) to identify themselves as either Democrat or Republican or Independent voters.  However, New York City is out of the vaccines so the question is even more superfluous.  In addition, online registration requires extensive knowledge of computer registration which is totally unfair.  Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio are responsible for thousands of deaths.  They are cursed on a daily basis by millions of New Yorkers.

**** In China (where the China Virus disease was developed intentionally as a weapon, they have more than enough vaccine.

More True Tales!

**** Now that the United States is back in the World Health Organization, our nation is obligated to give doses of the vaccine on a quota basis to overseas countries.  Less for the USA.

**** New York State National Guard sent to Washington DC were made to sleep on the floor in a garage, had to use vending machines for food and drink and neither they nor their families back home have been paid. No restrooms.  Our troops are scheduled to stay in Washington DC through March.

**** Chewy gossip.  Was the paramour-already-married-guy who launched our new vice president’s California-political- career, in Washington DC for the inauguration?

**** Three National Guard members killed in a helicopter crash in upstate New York while taking State officials on an unnecessary “tour.”

**** Brooklyn serial killings part of the terrifying rise in NYC Housing Authority murder rate. Perpetrators are employees of buildings.

**** New York City lost 1 million jobs in 2020 due to China Virus. January will be worse because it is generally the highest month for firings.

**** Subway conductor busted in sex assault.  Trains are deserted because they are filthy and dangerous.

**** “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.” By admitting the quiet part out loud, the media mogul hit on a truth about the 45th president: whether Americans loved him or loathed him, they couldn’t turn away.  TV ratings have dropped like a rock.