April 18, 2011




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This week we highlight the Schtick Drecht who work for the New York Times.


Here are True Tales of New York City, as discussed from the ”Back of the Hack.”  Passengers are not bashful about expressing their opinions.  These are their topics and opinions, not mine.   

 It certainly is now the saddest place on the face of the Earth.


**** The Gabby Cabby Chronicles is the featured comment which is:

Queen Elizabeth is a lovely lady who not only lived history but also created it.  She just happens to have a family that is nuts. Henry the Eighth would have beheaded most of them.

Panic Sweeps the City!

**** Sexual assault across NYC up 322% from the same time last year.  Can you believe that the streets of this city have become exceptionally dangerous for women?  Once upon a time, the number of rapes was minimal.  Now they are almost a daily occurrence.  Our mayor DeBlasio considers it just the normal downside of living in this city.  The tourist board isn’t telling you this statistic.

More True Tales!

**** Johnson and Johnson, one of the New York area’s pharmaceutical companies is known for its union-busting tactics.  It dominates the business community in New Jersey.  Its faulty China virus vaccine comes as no surprise and it still markets it even though its sale has been stopped by officials.

**** FedEx employees in Indianapolis slaughtered at its facility by a lone gunman.  No one could telephone for help because FedEx doesn’t let its employees have cell phones at work because they cheat on work time by talking endlessly on the phone.  Here in New York City Fedex also limits restroom time.  Their union presently has a lawsuit against the company indicating the number of constipation cases.

 **** Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff dead at 82.  Almost all of his clients knew he was pulling a scam and went along with it because they were making money on it.  His widow who spent most of the money has never spent a day in jail.  The Biden administration refused to let him die from his terminal kidney cancer outside of the prison at home.

**** Most New Yorkers aghast at the deference Jimmy Kimmel showed Hunter Biden when he appeared on the NBC TV show.  New Yorkers are generally straight-laced and do not approve of cheating, drug dealing, and corruption.  Most people don’t think President Biden did a good job of raising his son. 

**** No one called 911 during the brutal attack of an Asian woman in NYC.  The prevailing attitude is, “it is not my problem.  “I am a New Yorker and I mind my own business.”

**** Asian man sucker-punched in unprovoked Central Park attack.  Similar situation as with the previous attack.

**** Man dies after jumping from Staten Island Ferry.  He drowned but was probably killed by the filthy water in the NYC harbor.  The deck crew was hesitant to go into the water after him.




**** Men on motorcycles snatch chains from women’s necks in NYC.  They zoom up to the victims and rip the chain off the victim’s neck causing severe damage to the throat area.

**** New Yorkers flock back to doctors as pandemic winds down —plastic surgery is booming.  The worst emergency room in the city is at Lenox Hill Hospital on 77th Street in Manhattan.

**** NYC rat race is back: Vermin complaints surge as China Virus restrictions ease.  They will come into your hotel room at night and bite you.