June20, 2021



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Here are True Tales of New York City, as discussed from the ”Back of the Hack.”  Passengers are not bashful about expressing their opinions.  These are their topics and opinions, not mine.   

 It certainly is now the saddest place on the face of the Earth.


The Gabby Cabby Chronicles are theTrue Tales comments which are:


**** Young homeless people in the Big Apple will soon be getting $1,250 in no-strings-attached cash each month — in a $2.5 million city-backed experiment to see if they use it to get off the streets and try to get jobs.  The “Trust Youth Initiative” — funded by the city — will start with up to 40 homeless people ages 18 to 24, “especially Black, Indigenous, Latinx and LGBTQ youth,” the organizers said in a release.  They will get the monthly cash for up to two years, with no limits on how they spend it — and larger up-front payments available to get into housing.


**** Most New Yorkers believe that there are unidentified flying objects with little green people floating around Earth.  Our editorial policy is that this is bullshit.  If there was a group of beings who could fly from one galaxy to another, they would not have to slink around at night.  They could land on the lawn of the White House and stay for lunch.  The professional pilots with their fake sightings who are contributing to this nonsense should be abducted.

**** New Yok City Catholic bishops agree to prepare a document that would lay out the conditions under which Catholic politicians who support abortion rights, including President Biden, may be denied Communion.

**** The Ukraine leaders tell Americans, war with Russia is inevitable.  The North Korean leaders tell Amercans war with their country is inevitable. The Palestian leaders tell Americans war with their country is inevitable.  The New York Times thinks Bidden is doing a wonderful job on his foreign policy.  The respective neighborhoods in New York City are terrified.

Panic Sweeps the City!


**** Defective China Virus shots given at Times Square vaccination site.  The operator of the pop-up vaccination site  in Times Square sent out an emergency notice informing scores of patients that it erroneously injected them with expired Pfizer doses.  (Get your China Virus vaccine before you come to New York City.)

**** Slashings, anti-cop graffiti mark mayhem in Washington Square Park.  Thirteen people were hurt amid nights of mayhem in beleaguered Washington Square Park, where anti-cop graffiti was also found near the famed Arch,  New York City parks are not safe to go into at any time.

More True Tales!


**** National Football League “Black” players are suing the league claiming pay discrimination.  Does this caper have any foundation?

**** Mayor De Blasio plans a parade through the Canyons of Heros (Wall Street) to commemorate the city workers who “toiled” throughout the China Virus pandemic.  Actually, most city employees including teachers stayed home at full pay.  Even now, they don’t want to come back to work.


**** Reparations for the slavery era are gaining in support and is endrsed by Obama.

**** Brooklyn Jews did what they do in all Israel elections.  They voted in Israel and the United States which is of course illegal.  Bibi is out as prime minister.  Stabbed in the back.  It was the orthodox Jewish community of Brooklyn that carried the day.


**** White farmers in upstate New York and Long Island are not getting federal bailout loans but farmers of color are receiving them.

**** Lots of sharks are seen at our beaches.  The New York City tourist board wants us to keep this a secret so we won’t tell you that we have finished swimming in these waters.

**** CNN correspondent Jeffrey Toobin caught masturbating whilst on air.  He just came off his suspension for the previous masturbating event.

**** Demonstrators arrested at January 6th Washington DC riots are being kept in solitary confinement and tortured.  It is hard to believe but it is an outrage.  The Capitol police will not release the name of the cop who murdered one of the demonstrators with a bullet in the back of her head.   Washington DC is surrounded by fences and martial law.  It is known as “murder city.”

**** New York City tourist board is advertising that the city is open and safe to visit.  This is a lie.  Do not come here until you contact us.

**** The city government wants to move some 8,000 homeless people out of hotels and back into shelters, Mayor de Blasio said.  The city placed the individuals in hotels at the height of the pandemic, in order to avoid the spread of China Virus at shelters.

**** How bad are New York City schools?   District-wide, just 28 percent of black students in grades 3-8 passed their state math exams and just 37 percent passed English. At some schools, almost no one passed: A whopping 94 percent of fifth-graders at PS 134 in Hollis, for example, flunked math; 83 percent bombed English.

 **** The New York State Attorney General Task force finds Governor Cuomo’s ‘unreasonable’ nursing home order did cause more China Virus deaths for thousands of New York’s elderly.  He has become one the biggest mass murderers in the history of mankind. His mother should have had an abortion.