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Here are myTrue Tales of New York City, as discussed from ”Back of the Hack.”  Passengers are not bashful about expressing their opinions.  These are their topics and opinions, not necessarily mine. 



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**** Police will begin random luggage checks on interstate coach buses coming into the Port Authority in an effort to stop an increasing number of guns coming across state lines.

**** The NYPD  warns residents to be wary of romance scams. They cost many trusting residents in the city millions of dollars in 2020.  People of all ages are victimized, the FBI said, but older women are most often targeted in confidence scams using a romantic relationship to swindle them out of their money, personal and financial information.

**** “A bus carrying several dozen passengers through Harlem in the middle of the day was struck by gunfire, police and transit officials said. “MTA officials estimate 30 people were on board the M101 bus in the vicinity of East 124th Street and Lexington Avenue when bullets hit the bus. The shooting happened around 2:30 p.m.  “The union representing city bus drivers released a statement noting the shooting was the fourth instance in at least six months of gunfire hitting an MTA bus.”

**** “New Yorkers across the city opened their latest Con Edison electric bills this month to find they had doubled, tripled or more. Many took to Twitter to complain directly to @ConEdison about the massive monthly hike .”

****One of the most delicious True Tales of the month is the landing of illegal immigrants (via Texas) at the Westchester County Airport in White Plains which is an affluent suburb of New York City.  The jetliners which are United States Air Force chartered bring in their one way passengers late at night when the airport is generally closed.  New York State police who usually parole the airport are told to “stay away from the airport and since they are outgunned, they do.  The controllers in the tower are not the usual Federal Aviation Agency employees.  From the airport the “passengers” are taken to unknown destinations by government chartered buses and even in some instances, New York City taxicabs.

**** There are some folk who believe that Stephen Breyer is being hustled off the Supreme Court because the powers that be, want to just get rid of him. Maybe he should be replaced by a Black female. Is Stevie aware of what is happening?  Maybe I should telephone him today and let him know he is retiring?


**** New York City is in an uproar about the murder of two cops gunned down by a deranged family in Harlem.  This comes a day after a lady was pushed to her death in front of a subway train. Panic sweeps the city and the Tourist Board is keeping it a secret.  There are some who say martial law should be declared.

**** Britain’s Prince Andrew has been stripped of his military titles and charities, Buckingham Palace announced, a day after a judge ruled a sexual abuse civil lawsuit against the Queen’s son could proceed.  Andrew will also no longer use the style “His Royal Highness” in any official capacity.. The source said the decision was “widely discussed” among the royal family.  HOW DOES THIS AFFECT NEW YORK’S SOCIAL SCENE?

**** Most face masks are made in China. The President of the United States announced yesterday that our nation was buying its masks from China. This is insane because we shouldn’t be sending our money to China. We certainly shouldn’t be making us more dependent on China. Especially for items in the medical field.   Perhaps the reason for this newfound supplier for this particular item is the fact that when you put on the mask in addition to filtering the air it gives you the nice smell of Chinese food which should make it a very possibly hot selling item. YOU CAN BUY MASKS ON CANAL STREET.

**** Stolen items for sale that were looted on the streets of America.  LOUIS VUITTON, PREGO, GUCCI, MOST POPULAR.  GRABBED TO ORDER. DO YOU NEED SOMETHING AT A BARGAIN?


**** Doctors and medical labs charge more when supplies are in short supply.  Many health care owners are being arrested for price fixing.


****A recent surge in fatalities combined with staffing shortages due to Omicron have created a backlog at the city Medical Examiner’s office that is having a ripple effect at local hospitals.  Hospitals are scrambling to cope with the recent surge in China Virus fatalities across the city — with some shifting their dead patients between facilities as the ME’s office has been overrun.  “The whole hospital system is at capacity with patients and, of course, that includes the morgues.

**** The bold equestrian monument to the nation’s 26th president depicted him flanked by two figures walking beside him, a Native American man and an African man — but it sparked major controversy and protests from some corners, with certain groups and individuals claiming it glorified colonialism and racism.  Theodore Roosevelt statue removed from front of NYC’s Museum of Natural History.  Workers operated a crane to cart away a statue of the nation’s 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt, in the wee hours of the morning on Jan. 20, 2022.  LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS PLACE.

****  Here’s something that will get you back to the office pronto: a cocktail with your commute.  A sparkling new bar has opened in a dingy Midtown subway station. At the 50th Street downtown 1 train stop, is “Nothing Really Matters” — one of only three subway watering holes in New York City’s 472-station transit system (not including Grand Central and Penn Station).  ALSO, MOVIE THEATERS CAN NOW SERVE BEER AND WINE.

**** New York’s Eviction Moratorium Is Ending.  Now the state is taking a risky step as Omicron-driven infections continue to surge.  Officials are allowing the ban on evictions to expire. This is the coldest week of the year.