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This week it is about the insufferable broad in Hawaii who is the US Senator. Highlighted this week is that New York City will soon have no cops because they are all quitting.


Here are True Tales of New York City, as discussed from the ”Back of the Hack.”  Passengers are not bashful about expressing their opinions.  These are their topics, not mine.   

Things look bleak, but New Yorkers are up for the challenge, and this too shall pass.  It will all turn out OK, and the Big Apple will once again have its glory.   It certainly is now the saddest place on the face of the Earth.

**** Consensus du Jour….(our new experiment in finding out what are the street reactions to a news breaking situation)

**** Panic Sweeps the City!  New Yorkers are on edge after a leaked NYPD memo revealed this week that police are preparing for protests, rioting and looting to begin on election day and grow in intensity. The department decreed officers should “be prepared for deployment.  (Netflix has seized upon this tension to premiere “The Trial of the Chicago Seven.”  This will certainly inflame thousands of people and the Netflix bosses will be dancing all the way to the bank.)


Here are More True Tales…


**** They’ve just announced that there has been a tremendous increase in street racing on the streets of New York City. That’s like drag racing. The reason that’s happening and it’s increased about 500% is that there’s no traffic cops around any place. 

**** U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis of the Eastern District of New York upheld the validity of an executive order from Gov. Andrew Cuomo restricted attendance at religious gatherings in the New York City metropolitan area, denying the Roman Catholic Diocese request for a preliminary injunction that would have allowed more than 10 people to attend mass at churches. The judge permitted movie theatres and strip joints to operate.  Will he fry in the fires of Hell for all eternity?

**** The “Oyster Bar” which was one of the most famous restaurants in New York City and is in Grand Central Terminal has given up and closed down, so he’ll be no more seafood, while you’re waiting for your train. If the train even comes.

**** Irate moms rage against fitness fanatics using NYC playgrounds as gyms.  Also drug needles all over the parks.

**** Most NYC firefighters retired with $100,000-plus annual pensions last year.  99% claim disability.

**** Thieve rob Diamond District shops very rarely because most are closed.  No one is buying jewelry.  Not even brides to be.

**** Bike delivery workers rally after robberies.  Thugs grab their bikes and beat them also for good measure.

**** Chirlane McCray says she’s not running for Brooklyn borough president.  She is the current mayor’s Black wife and very very racist.  If she had run and won there would have been mass suicides.  Can you imagine anyone worse than her stupid husband who brags that she is a bi-sexual?

**** Small Business lending to Black businesses plummeted despite broad expansion in the U.S. economy.  Very view applications whereas in other “minority groups” they are quite large.

**** “The Suffering Is Real”: As Pelosi Holds Firm, Some Democrats Are Getting Desperate on China Virus relief.  Folks are going without food since food banks, religious organizations and government agencies are empty.

**** Dermot Shea , police commissioner says NYPD is seeing China virus rise in the department.  Many are faked.  Then, they retire on full disability which is also faked.

**** Eye-popping water bills lead to a flood of complaints.  Most residents are spending more time in their homes because they are afraid to walk on the streets.