shop until you drop…

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here is a unique way to spend some of your time in new york city.


shop and save ooodles of money!


you will see some tourist attractions while we drive to our destinations, but the main purpose of this full two day extravaganza is to shop and shop and shop.


depending on how good you are, you are going to save a bundle of money while having the time of your life.  prices are low and deals are to be made.

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pickup time on the first day is 10am and off we go to the amazing jersey gardens


on the way back to your hotel at about 3pm (after you are ready to collapse from shopping) we visit the canal street areaof manhattan to get some counterfeits if you have not bought enough of the real stuff.


pickup time on the second day is 10am for our trip to woodbury commons


the beauty of this wonderful way to spend your time and money (with big savings) is that you are traveling in the convenience of one of our nice brand new ford expeditions.


as you start to fill up your arms at each store, you call me on my cell phone and i immediately come to whatever store you are in, and take away your packages to the car.  that leaves your arms free to continue shopping.  now, that is what i call luxury.


the cost is $676 per day, but split among four or five people, that is your first bargain.


for any questions, just contact me