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Let me now introduce Mr. Mxyzptlk who is now in charge of all things which stem from an Alternative Universe.  Each day he will bring to you in this spot the latest True Tale which is just plain nuts but absolutely the truth.  So, come back here each day as this stuff enters our universe.

** North Korea drew renewed international condemnation and the threat of more sanctions after launching a long-range rocket in defiance of United Nations rules just weeks after it carried out a nuclear bomb test.  NOT WORRIED ENOUGH TO CALL OFF THE MANY WEEKEND COCKTAIL PARTIES THAT THE UN DIPLOMATS HAVE EVERY WEEK.

 ** Bernie Sanders appeared on ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Larry David. Jackie Mason should have been invited also so there would be three people who could make fun of the Jews.  A fourth could have been Shakespeare, but he is dead.

** "Pleading the Case to Get Parking Tickets Dismissed" is the title of an article this week in the New York Times which can always be counted on to report the news to its college prank level of humor. There is nothing funny about a parking ticket which is generally a driver's full days pay. Besides that, the parking ticket judges are generally overweight and just plain NYTimes writers.


**** You might be interested to know that I give a wonderful tour of Brooklyn. I have just added a stop at the Brooklyn federal prison where el Chapo is going to be held. It is in a lovely blue collar neighborhood near a Costco supermarket and a Home Depot. I will show my tourists where his tunnel will be dug. I will also show his escape route. The highlight of the tour will be my explanation as to why Brooklyn has been selected.

**** A lady claims that two Special Victims Unit officers made highly inappropriate sexual advances toward her during an investigation has sued the city and the NYPD. The 25-year-old woman is seeking $3 million after two cops, both formerly of the Manhattan Special Victims Division, exhibited "gross and repugnant dereliction" of duty in handling her case. Here is what the commissioner said about it: "The NYPD does not have an obligation to train officers not to commit sexual assault because it is an obvious criminal act." TALK ABOUT BEING INSENSITIVE.

**** Plans to build a 16-mile streetcar line connecting Astoria, Queens to Sunset Park, Brooklyn was announced by Mayor de Blasio at his State of the City speech. The light rail proposal, which would cost an estimated $2.5 billion dollars to build and would run mostly near the East River. BUT HE SAID THERE IS NO MONEY FOR THE SCHOOL SYSTEM AND THE HOMELESS?

**** Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has vowed that the NYPD would start waking up sleeping straphangers, ostensibly to prevent them from being victimized by criminals "Subways are not for sleeping," he said, citing statistics that 50% of reported crimes on the subway "involve sleeping passengers." "I know people have gotten out of work and are tired, but we are going to start waking people up." WITH A BAGEL AND A SCHMEAR?

**** Elderly bank customers are particularly at risk, prosecutors say, when tellers and other retail-branch employees tap into accounts to wire funds without authorization, make fake debit cards to withdraw money from A.T.M.s and sell off personal information to other criminals. Accounts with high balances and those with direct deposits of government funds, like Social Security payments, are especially coveted. PUTTING YOUR MONEY INTO A NYC BANK IS RISKY.  PUT IT UNDER YOUR BED.

**** This week is Alligators in the Sewers Day, a celebration of the discovery in 1935 of an alligator in the sewer at 123rd Street. IT IS STILL THERE?

**** Sheepshead Bay's swans have long been a target for extermination by the city. But a growing body of prominent environmentalists and conservationists say the evidence against these snow-white waterfowl - an indelible part of the neighborhood's charm for generations - is the result of "weak and faulty science." For two years, New York's Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has mounted a campaign to eliminate, the estimated 2,200 mute swans residing in New York by killing them outright. VIEWING THESE LOVELY CREATURES IS A HIGHLIGHT ON MY BROOKLYN TOUR.

**** Children at P.S. 255 proudly displayed the contributions for their winter sock drive - which will go to local women's shelters. "It looks like a million socks," one student remarked as she walked past the arrangement of footwear in a variety of colors, stripes and materials. The actual total of the haul was considerably less, but it was still an achievement for the elementary schoolers. When they started the sock drive two weeks ago, the students set a goal of bringing in 1,000 donations. They ended the effort with 1,512 pairs, according to school staff. NICE CHILDREN.

**** Our Mayor tells us that there are 21,000 building violations in homeless shelters. THEY ARE HIS SHELTERS SO WHY DOESN'T HE DO SOMEHING ABOUT THESE TERRIBLE CONDITIONS?  LET ME DESCRIBE ONE.

**** When a NYC store gets robbed cops close it for a day or two to "investigate." So, the store owner loses money two ways. THIS IS AN INSANE POLICY.  STORES LOSE MONEY IN THE ROBBERY AND THEN LOSE SOME MORE MONEY BECAUSE THEY ARE CLOSED.

****A Queens man is taking matters into his own hands when it comes to law-breaking motorists by slapping their cars with "dirty word" bumper stickers. Jeff Orlick, 34, of Jackson Heights is just so fed up with drivers who illegally park in handicap spaces and block fire hydrants. A GOOD WAY FOR HIM TO GET A PUNCH IN THE NOSE.

**** NYC Construction was on the rise last year, and so were the number of noise complaints. The Buildings Department approved nearly 60,000 applications, allowing after hours construction work in 2015. By comparison, only 430 applications were rejected. The authorizations allow for work after 6 p.m. and before 7 a.m. on weekdays, and are necessary for work at any hour on the weekend. With more construction going on, the department also saw an uptick in noise complaints. Officials say they investigated almost 4,000 complaints last year. Only 54 of them warranted violations. CITIZENS ARE ADVISED TO PUT COTTON IN THEIR EARS.

**** Celebrity Sighting: Susan Saandon at Bergdorf Goodman.

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****THE SNEAKY CAMERA (the hidden camera)..a growing collection of new yorkers are unaware that they are being watched by a certain taxi driver. new ones are added from time to time. take a peep at SNEAKY

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