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Daylight Saving Time - Second Sunday in March and Ends First Sunday in November

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November weather is here and it will be cool and cold.  Evenings can be almost very cold.

You should bring along a hat and a coat and a sweater.

Here is the weather right now and the forecast for New York City     WEATHER

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True Tales for this Week....

****HAPPY THANKSGIVING, ALMOST...for a 100% Gluten and Lactose free Thanksgiving. There are 20 recipes posted in Mrs. Gabby's kitchen for the Holiday. All the recipes can be made with or without Gluten and with or without Lactose. Mrs. Gabby (she who must be obeyed) set up these recipes with an introduction and all in a group so it will be easy for you to find and use them rather than having to search throughout the blog. (By the way, it is a work in progress, while the content of the recipes are correct, we will be adjusting the fonts and format in the next few days.) BLOG LINK

****Many people who don’t know how to cook or are just plain not interested, go out to a restaurant to eat in New York City for their Thanksgiving Day dinner.  It is a booming business day for these eating places.  Average cost is about $100 a person.  BETTER TO COOK IT IN YOUR OWN HOME WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. 

****New York’s holiday windows are the most high-tech ever, the sheer act of standing together on a sidewalk, gawking and kibitzing, adds a human dimension.  AND THE LOOKING IS FREE. 

****Many retail stores are staying open on Thanksgiving Day and that means the employees have to show up and have no celebration with their own families.  Some stores are advertising that they will not be open because they care about their employees.  IF YOU DO NOT COME IN ON THURSDAY, DON’T COME IN ON FRIDAY IS THE THREAT TO EMPLOYEES.

****Most legal Latinos in New York City are not happy with the Obama Amnesty.  Also, if an illegal alien applies for this amnesty, it will mean that for the first time, the government knows who are the illegals and have their addresses.  SURPRISED?

****The Comfort Fit is the new name for small condoms here in the Big Apple.  TOO SMALL FOR ME.

****Speaking of condoms, the Reverend Al Sharpton, who the media has designated as the spokesperson for every colored person in the United States owes taxes to the IRS $813,576, for New York State $779, 576,  and for New York City $457,968 that are past due and not been paid.  He also has about $4 million in business liens that are also not paid.  Add to that, he is now also being accused of being the father of the illegitimate child of our Mayor’s wife’s chief of staff who gets paid $170,000 but is on paid leave now so she can help the druggie kid in their New Jersey home.  She is supposed to have lived in New York City as a requirement for her job in New York City, but told the big fib that the kid needs to be in New Jersey near his doctors for physical therapy even though there is nothing wrong with the kid who plays football on the local high school team.  LIKE A SOAP OPERA.

****The average price for seeing a vet in Manhattan is now $176 per animal.  LESS PEOPLE ARE GOING TO PRIVATE VETS, JUST LIKE LESS PEOPLE ARE GOING TO PEOPLE DOCTORS.

 ****The city is seizing many of the dumpsters that are supposedly for the collection of used clothing for poor people.  Turns out that they are actually being run by wise guys who take the clothing and then sell it to people for their own selfish profit.   SHUCKS THAT IS WHERE I GET MY DRESS CLOTHING.

****NYPD is unhappy about the new marijuana law which says no more arrests for pot, only a court appearance summons.  For a cop that was an easy arrest, which was why the crime fighting statistics of New York City are phony.  MORE TIME FOR THE COPS TO HAVE DONUTS.

****The Transit Authority wants to ban food eating in the subways and on the buses.  HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE NEXT TO SOMEONE EATING A GARLIC PIZZA?

****One of the sights, I used to show people on my tours was the Queens home of Dr. Huxtable (Bill Cosby).  The people in that neighborhood requested no more tours because Bill has now been accused of doping and raping women.  PRIDE HAS TURNED INTO SHAME.

****Celebrity Sighting:  Al Roker sneaking past the public to go into NBC.

****The Story Behind the Story:  The Jewish people who were murdered last week in the temple in Jerusalem had dual citizenship (Israrel and USA or Israel and UK).  Many people in NYC have dual citizenship.  It can be in to two countries or it can be in two states (Florida and New York).  The question could be asked, Why?

****One of the common myths is that all White police in New York City give Blacks a hard time.  Take a look at this week's relationship between a Black Cop and a Black child.  BLACK

****The new 1 World Trade Center offices of Vogue magazine are infested with rodents and editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is not happy. The 25th- and 26th-floor digs of the Condé Nast publication are overrun with vermin, and Wintour has ­issued an edict to staffers to clear her glass-walled office of the long-tailed pests before she steps a stiletto heel on the premises.

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Travel Warnings: 

****Bus companies that operate New York City's hop-on, hop-off sightseeing tours have agreed to settle a group of class action lawsuits brought by tourists, court papers show. The anti-trust lawsuits against Coach USA, City Sights and related entities accuse the companies of forming a joint venture to illegally monopolize the sightseeing bus industry and conspiring to fix prices above the market rate. The companies have also been known to tout certain attractions and obtain kickbacks from vendors.

****A whopping 92 percent of Airbnb and other B&B listings in New York are illegal, according to a state report, and together with city regulators, the office of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is actively cracking down on the room-rental service. It is against the law to rent an apartment to someone for less than thirty days and "guests" are subject to abrupt eviction. A LISTING ON THE INTERNET IS POSSIBLY A SCAM.

****Uber taxi service accused of smearing the reputations of people who have come out against this operation.  Also, they are selling marketing information to outsiders to tell them where you are going to and where you have been.  ONE OF THEIR DRIVERS TOLD A LADY SHE DESERVED TO HAVE CANCER AFTER SHE CHANGED HER MIND ABOUT A PICKUP AT THE SLOANE CANCER HOSPITAL.

****TV THEME (can you guess what show this music came from?) ..AUDIO

****I did a music video....well, i drove the taxi in the video.  MUSIC

****THE SNEAKY CAMERA (the hidden camera)..a growing collection of new yorkers are unaware that they are being watched by a certain taxi driver. new ones are added from time to time. take a peep at SNEAKY

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****AND THAT NEAT MOVIE HOUSE ALWAYS SHOWED A DOUBLE FEATURE AND HERE WE ARE WITH A SECOND FLICK. this is a trip around the city in the famous yellow mobile conveyance lounge. HONK HONK


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****please note that i encourage folks planning on coming to nyc to write to me for some advice.  beware the online trip advising sites that are written mainly by public relations people to promote their clients' services.  many of the restaurants that they tout have numerous health violations and you can always ask me about that.  i do not "rate" things but i sure can tell you if you choices (including hotels and attractions) are wise ones.



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