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Daylight Saving Time - Second Sunday in March and Ends First Sunday in November

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True Tales for this Week....

**** "Protests against police brutality were held throughout the city this past week, drawing hundreds of New Yorkers into the streets. The biggest demonstration began in Harlem, where 400 people gathered at Malcolm X Blvd and Central Park North for a "Dream4Justice" march to the United Nations. "It's not fair that, after decades of marching, we don't have justice," said Linwood Childs, 19, a University of Maryland student, who is African-American. "It's hard for me to even speak about it because it hurts so much." IF YOU HAPPEN TO BE AN AFRICAN AMERICAN IN NEW YORK CITY, OR FOR THAT MATTER, ANY KIND OF "MINORITY," YOU ARE LIVING IN THE FAIREST MOST DECENT PLACE ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. THIS MEDIA CREATED IDEA THAT PEOPLE ARE BEING OPPRESSED IN NEW YORK CITY, BECAUSE OF RACE OR RELIGION IS NONSENSE.

****Drivers with out of state license plates in the city would have to find someplace else to park overnight under a proposed bill. WHERE WILL THE NEW JERSEY MAFIA PARK AT NIGHT? IN ALL THE GARAGES THAT THEY CONTROL IN OUR LITTLE ITALY.

****Governor Cuomo has proposed raising the state's minimum wage to $10.50 by the end of 2016, and make New York City's $11.50 over the same period of time. In a statement, Cuomo's office notes that "a reasonable minimum wage is a necessity in order to improve the standard of living for workers, encourage fair and more efficient business practices, and ensure that the most vulnerable members of the workforce can contribute to the economy." THIS CUOMO IS NOT PLAYING WITH A FULL DECK. HE WILL ONLY DRIVE MORE BUSINESS OUT OF THE STATE.

****City cops have been flocking to local body-armor shops and Web sites to buy replacements for their worn-out, expired vests. Most of their bulletproof protectors are outdated. Cops also have purchased even more protection - ballistic plates to fend off rifle rounds - for themselves with their own money, some getting relatives to chip in, after two officers were assassinated by a police-hating madman in Brooklyn in December. THE SECOND WORST ANTI COP POLITICIAN IS THE SPEAKER OF THE CITY COUNCIL, MELISSA MARK-VIVERITO WHO HAD THE NERVE TO VISIT THE MEMORIAL FOR THE TWO COPS MURDERED IN BROOKLYN.

(By the way, New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and one of her former political consultants are subjects of a city ethics probe of her thirst for political contributions. The investigation is being conducted by the city's Conflicts of Interest Board.)

****New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick said that he was "shocked" to hear allegations that his team's footballs were under-inflated in violation of NFL rules, a controversy that's cast a shadow over Super Bowl XLIX. Belichick denied having any knowledge of the situation, including how the footballs got deflated, and how it may have happened, at the AFC championship game, which the Patriots won handily, 45-7, over the Indianapolis Colts. He said that he's learned more about the football inflation process in three days than he has known or talked about in his 40 years in the league. HE AND HIS QUARTERBACK ARE FILTHY LIARS

**** Mayor De Blasio stands by Sheldon Silver amid corruption arrest, allegations he accepted bribes. Shelly is the Speaker of the State Legislature and the most powerful politician in the State. THAT IS BECAUSE SHELLY IS THE BOSS OF NEW YORK'S JEWISH CRIME FAMILY.

****U.S. European Command has told troops to "limit to the max extent possible wearing their uniforms off base," according to a directive. Troops can wear their uniforms only while commuting to and from work in their personal vehicles, a rental car or while riding on a government bus. WHAT A LIE! THIS HAS BEEN A POLICY SINCE 1959.

****Opening Cuban relationship is bad news for New York City Cubans who currently smuggle goods to Cuba. Also, they will lose the ability to have their family members in Cuba to have the ability to sneak into NYC. JUST ANOTHER CON JOB LIKE THE NYC ID CARDS.

****Subway cars thrown into the ocean and not one single complaint from environmentalists. HOPEFULLY, THE PASSENGERS WERE ALLOWED TO GET OUT OF THE CARS FIRST.

****During World War Two it was a very common practice for the Japanese forces to behead prisoners (Just like the terrorists have probably done with two Japanese men). As we worry about this modern day insanity, Japan should be reminded about its own history.

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND…….."Struggling to hold back tears, John Jones stood in front of the new war memorial in Wellington. He had finally seen a permanent memorial to his friends and colleagues unveiled in New Zealand: a steel wall inscribed with their names and paying tribute to their bravery. Jones, 94, is the last surviving Coast Watcher - unarmed volunteers who were sent to the remote Gilbert Islands, now Kiribati, just before Japan entered the Second World War. He has fought for years to ensure his comrades are properly remembered by New Zealand. Jones was one of seven Coast Watchers on Butaritari atoll in the north of the group. Days after the attack on Pearl Harbour in December 1941 he was captured and taken to a prison camp in Japan. Seventeen others were beheaded by the Japanese on Tarawa atoll after being captured in August and September 1942. An eighteenth, Ron Third, was based on Ocean Island, now called Banaba, died in captivity after it was captured by Japan in August that year."

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