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Daylight Saving Time - Second Sunday in March and Ends First Sunday in November

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July weather is here and it will be hot on one day and even hotter on the next.  Evenings can be warm.

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True Tales for this Week....

.****New York’s millionaire population is forecast to grow 31 percent by 2023, rising from 389,100 to 508,100. Right now the city is ranked fourth for millionaires, with 4.63 percent of the population fitting the millionaire criteria — or one out of every 22 New Yorkers.  I AM NOT ONE, HOWEVER, MOST ARE DOCTORS….AND THAT IS NOT A JOKE.

****There are now 1.4 million people older than 60—17% of the city's population—an increase of 12.4% in the past decade, according to city data. I AM 39 YEARS OF AGE….JUST LIKE JACK BENNY.

****According to the New York Immigration Coalition, close to 3,300 migrant children have already arrived in New York with another 7,000 minors expected to reach us in the coming months. The “children” are emigrating from Central America.  WHO  PICKS UP THE TAB FOR ALL OF THIS?

 ****Gov. Cuomo’s $16 million gift of tax money to a TV show owned by a highly profitable network is the kind of government absurdity that Stephen Colbert is so good at skewering — except, in this case, he’s on the receiving end.  The winner in this case is CBS’ “Late Show,” which Cuomo is giving at least $11 million in tax breaks over five years, plus a $5 million grant to renovate its studios at the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway.  CBS IS SCREWING THE CITY WITH THE HELP OF A CORRUPT GOVERNOR.

****New York City's Department of Investigation has begun a review of scores of cases involving inmates at Rikers Island who were assaulted by correction officers and suffered serious injuries.  I WAS AT RIKERS AND I WAS ASSAULTED.

****New York City has approved a developer’s Dickensian plan to include a “poor door” in a luxury apartment complex in the Upper West Side.  The prospect of a separate entrance for lower-income residents has been circulating for some time, but plans by company Extell Development to put a separate entrance for affordable housing tenants, who make 60 percent or less of median income, in the 33-story condo have been given the green light. The property will have 219 units, including 55 affordable units overlooking the street. Those renting and buying the apartments at the market-rate will have waterfront views.  THE CHARACTERS IN THE DICKENS NOVELS WERE NOT PEOPLE GETTING A RENT SUBSIDY TO LIVE IN A LUXURY APARTMENT  BUILDING THEY COULD NOT AFFORD.

****Joke du Jour: You can hear this week's joke "Rocking Chair Sex" and all my other jokes at the Joke du Jour link higher up on this web page.

****The Gabby Cabby Beach Tour has started. Spend the day with me at the Coney Island Beach. You bring the bathing suits and I bring the towels. Each trip is for you and yours only. I do not join any other people in your group. Up to five people. You pay for your own lunch and amusement park fees (only if you want to take those rides. I was a registered lifeguard for the City of New York in my youth. There is no additional charge if I have to rescue you.

****Bus companies that operate New York City's hop-on, hop-off sightseeing tours have agreed to settle a group of class action lawsuits brought by tourists, court papers show. The anti-trust lawsuits against Coach USA, City Sights and related entities accuse the companies of forming a joint venture to illegally monopolize the sightseeing bus industry and conspiring to fix prices above the market rate. The companies have also been known to tout certain attractions and obtain kickbacks from vendors.

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****AND THAT NEAT MOVIE HOUSE ALWAYS SHOWED A DOUBLE FEATURE AND HERE WE ARE WITH A SECOND FLICK. this is a trip around the city in the famous yellow mobile conveyance lounge. HONK HONK


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****please note that i encourage folks planning on coming to nyc to write to me for some advice.  beware the online trip advising sites that are written mainly by public relations people to promote their clients' services.  many of the restaurants that they tout have numerous health violations and you can always ask me about that.  i do not "rate" things but i sure can tell you if you choices (including hotels and attractions) are wise ones.



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